SWELL – The Clark Little Show meets Whistler

Posted on October 22, 2009 at 6:47pm via powdermag.com/community

‘Swell’…Whistler, BC, September 30, 2009

A note I wrote to my wife and sent to Clark tonight after his

The Sand Monster

The Sand Monster - Clark Little

show at SWELL I somehow think I should share.

Met Clark Little tonight…but where to begin. In his defense, if I may, for a man who has been a professional photographer for two and a half years (since 2006?) his art is nothing short of capturing the impossible.

Somewhere between Jackson Pollock and Ansell Adams lie a chosen few who “defy the accident” (as Pollock would say) and pour us into their world for a stolen moment in time, or two, or tonight for an hour. While most are captured in the magnificent chaos of the breaking wave, Clark stops short. He stops the clocks and silences the halls in the surreal synapses of nature before the rapture. He seeks the fluid, the impossible, life suspended on the canvas of a lens in nothing short of animation. In the purity of his art and (I suspect) in his mind’s eye he finds peace there in glass blown escapes that defy the inevitable.

Slide after slide, I eventually lost the fear and recognition of the turmoilled white aftermath. Like being swallowed in a wall of white sliding down a mountain and in that silent breathless moment seeing the white light echo though the icy crystals from above…and wondering then, ‘am I alive?’ Only then, when the life flashes before your eyes (yes, just like they say), when you lose it all, family, friends, loved ones, jobs, desks, computers, reports, bills…sshhhhh…all of it. You lose it all to the moment. “Time stops”, is too simple to explain the existence there. It is better said that time ceases to exist. Then, right then, you are one and the Gods defy the accident of creation with the gift of vision.

I have been there, beneath the snow, looking into my son’s eyes, sometimes behind this pencil in uncounted dark hours spilling words and letters onto pages into the waking hours of a new day…and am since, forever searching for the doorway back in.

Thank you for the journey tonight Clark, for sharing your stolen moments, your art, and for inspiring – no – for inciting me to continue the search. Imagine where we will go from here. Mahalo


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