Kryptonite is real…is he?

“The National” (CBC) among others ran this story in April 2007 that I found noted on a lost page…

Kryptonite has been discovered on earth…

But first let’s go back to 2006…I think they said it was ’06…in the movie ‘Superman Returns’ a military crate was labelled with an obscure list of elements that comprised the green crystalline meteorite contained within (a piece of super boy Cal El’s home planet Kryton which in theory travelled here with him…hense, ‘Krytonite’).

Back to today, 30 years later Canadian metallurgists Pamela Whitfield and Simon Le Page from the NRC are asked to complete the analysis of an unknown mineral (and if I told you where it was found I would have to kill you, you know the deal).  They complete the testing and confirm the results.  They send the list of composite elements to their client who in turn searches the internet for the ‘ingredients’ and comes up with the ‘recipe’ from the movie.  Coincidence?

While movie watchers may be dismayed by the colorless, seemingly harmless pale whitish stone, true comic book fans will acknowledge the ‘fact’ that kryptonite comes in many colors, including white.  There is some serious contention for conspiracy theorists here isn’t there?   How could such a story be so easily discarded and swept into public TV news obscurity?  Could it be? Real?  The whole Canadian connection a coincidence?  Did one of ‘his’ followers in 2006 leak the document that ended up in the movie? Did that stone fall from the heavens as the last remnant of the lost planet? Is Superman listening? Are you out there? 

A priest once told me that coincidences are ‘someone’s’ way of staying anonymous.  What do you think?

Meanwhile back on earth…according to the CBC, 30-40 new minerals are still being discovered every year.


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