The Trouble With 1969

Feb. 21st 2007…

Looked up at the clock and it was 4:44am…laid there for another half hour until the alarm went off (you’ll have to ask my wife why it’s set at 5:15am?), then fumbled through the night stand knocking over the metal candle holder looking for this book in the dark…

The trouble with being born in 1969 is getting it all out on paper.  There is so much to say I need a story board like George Roy Hill plotting train robberies and shoot-outs in Bolivia while filming ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’…yes that was 1969…a pencil and the Moleskine one of my former staff left behind will have to do.  The trouble really began with “Generation X” (Douglas Coupland, 1991).  I have to admit I never finished it…twice…because I thought he must have been born after 1969.  I don’t get it. (The truth is he was born in ’61…now I really don’t  get it.)  Or better yet, ‘I’m’ not it.  The real truth is I really wanted to be a Gen X but I’m not. 

It’s still in a box somewhere with the screen play book of ‘Thirty Something’ episodes.  Maybe the trouble was I wasn’t 30 yet in 1991.  I picked it up the second time at the Whistler Re-Use-It Centre for a buck or two a few years back thinking I might make another attempt to get into it or maybe I thought it would look meaningful on the mantel in the living room in a carefully chosen ‘random’ pile of other equally meaningful random books now also in boxes that I never finished hoping to impress someone.  Sorry Stuart, oops…(thought his name was Stuart Copeland for years), I mean Douglas, or whatever your name is Mr Coupland, I was born in 1969 and I don’t get it.

Have you seen the MAC commercials with the two guys? (Remember I wrote this in 2007…of course you have.)  One IBM nerdy accountant type with bad hair, a bad suit, and painfully practical PC, go ahead and say it, IBM.  The other, too hip, too MOD, too cool, 20-30 something, smart ass with too long hair and too much attitude for any computer company…even Apple.  (I know, I’m supposed to say MAC but you picked the name with the bad disco logo Apple, live with it!)  You know the ones.  Do you see the trouble?  I’m somewhere in the middle, lost in between the two icons of our time, IBM (ie. my stepdad – no offense Bill, ha, ha!) and MAC, the cooler little brother I never had (you don’t count Russ).

Bill Fischer was a generation ahead of his time in 1969 when he started selling Levi’s and records in San Fran in 1969 at the Gap…and so was I.  Imperial and then Metric, God Save the Queen and then the new Oh Canada, 7 years in University and a ski bum, corporate turned independent, the list goes on…but iPod and the ‘Mc Job’?  I don’t think so.  I’ve seen a lot of change and I know this, I’m still old enough to want to own my home and the company and I’m young enough to have a baby and 3 new skateboards.  The trouble with 1969… is we have both.  😉


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