Session’s – 2010 part 1

Another week, another meter of snow in the alpine and another sub zero morning in the valley sunshine.  I  layer on two hoodies (now mandatory over my shaved head), gloves, jeans and Vans not really caring if the winter will ever end and roll the Arbor Pocket Rocket to the bus stop for the first time in months.  The search for spring is on.  I crank up the Cult Electric after a little Rockstar Supernova and nod ‘thanks’ to the driver as I step down.  The gravel is still a little heavy where I cross the road to Lot One from the Gondola Exchange but a few more steps and the first 2010 Olympic-lot-bomb is on.

Volume up, nose down the old school skinny with the kicker like we road in the 70’s, Session’s knuckle gloves let go where the grip tape has worn through the finger tips (picked those up the year I met my wife – and a hoodie that was stolen in the bar hangin’ with Johnny Thrash and the boys from ‘Ski Bums’ in Golden – no, not the bar with the wednesday night special, the other one) and the 70mm’s immediately start launching small stones and pinecones at parked cars as I pick up speed.  I dodge a couple idiots who decide to park perpendicular at the end of the row, lift over the crosswalk and hit the two block straight line as the oncoming skiers pass by in the other lane, speed wobble, recover, …oh ya! Big right to the skate park to take a few pics with my phone now that spring has officially been opened…at least in my world it has.


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