Is the iPhone the Next Beta?

Keypad working…yes!  Dropped my phone awhile ago and shattered the screen from the bottom right corner up like it was a windshield hit near the Callahan turnoff on Highway 99 by a rock off some knobby tired pickup with a sled in the back and a cardboard box for a rear window.  Shattered.  In the right light, like right now typing backlit without turning on the lights, it looks like I hit it with a hammer but oddly enough the touch screen is working fine and the damage is remarkably all under the surface.  The slide out keypad on the other hand is now day to day since the accident, let’s just say it usually works…like my vintage DVD player at home – you know the first one from Sony with the 6 speaker surround sound and the built in tuner (to pick up Mountain FM I guess).  To put it in perspective, I picked up the matching WEGA TV when a 24 inch was a decent size and we had to borrow DVD’s from the WAV store where I bought it because no-one rented them yet.  Those were the days…moving on.

They are like old friends on Facebook now, you feel sentimental and nostalgic, like you should search them and keep them forever but they don’t poke you or comment on your blog or RT your tweets on Twitter (if they know what Twitter is) so let’s face it, like @whoisjob (surfer Jamie O’Brien) tweeted out yesterday, “if you’re not living in the moment you’d better get here QUICK.”  Moving on.

Other than the generation-iPhone, I’m not convinced there’s a phone this advanced (HTC Touch-pro) that is small enough to fit in the cell phone pocket on my Dakine Project Blue surf pack or the Covert Machnau Pro-model pack I use for hauling my laptop and skate to work, or in those mini pockets for mp3’s in the Patagonia Primo-down I ski in that feeds everything wireless to my Giro Bluetooth lid.

Aside – is it just me or is there a conspiracy theory here…they are all too small for iPhones or any of their like-sized counterparts from Motorola or even the HTC Pro 2, is the rest of the world trying to say something?

 I can take a hint generation-i, you’ve told us for years the media player we need, how much each song costs, which overpriced apps to buy, you’ve plugged it all into a phone (so we have to take it with us) and with the power of Ravine – remember him? – or the other darker forces convinced us that you invented touch screen and have patents on technologies (re. Apple vs HTC and now Google’s Android) that have been in every restaurant and bar for 20 years (ask any server)…maybe you should work on a new app for a pocket version of iMonopoly…OK, I can swallow all of that, maybe, and I’m almost thinking about an operating platform outside windows – aka every major business software my company and all, yes all, of my suppliers rely on – but can’t you make it the size of a cell phone with a slide out keypad like my HTC? Can’t you make it fit in my pack or my jacket pocket?

Even my five year old can tell when the old Sony DVD isn’t going to fire up.  It makes that whirrrr sound like your disk is loading then pauses just before the spinning hissing noise that will repeat without even taunting you with an image until you power the old girl down (even if Baby Einstein ‘animos’ is the only thing between you and a quiet cup of tea – that’s ‘animals’ for those of you without small children in charge of morning television).  The old Sony BOSE style sound system – speaking of knock off’s – still rivals anything I’ve seen for the price but the last $160 we put into excising the demons out of the vintage DVD was the last.  That money could have replaced the DVD and the "Lemon Leaves"one in my shop that skips like a kid on the way to the candy store every time the second Shane McConkey segment kicks in on ‘In Deep’.  Winter is over…it snowed 20cm this week but it’s still time to say goodbye.  (If you’re not reading between the lines iPhone…that will be you if you don’t keep up.  Remember Beta?)

Goodbye. It’s time to say goodbye.  Goodbye to the long list of long lost deleted (aka forgotten) ‘friends’ on  Facebook who didn’t write back, to the blocked ‘followers’ on Twitter who have nothing meaningful to add to my day (aka celebs and businesses looking for free marketing), to the oversized bulge iWorld wants to leave in my skinny jeans (compensating for something Apple?) or rattling around in my packs and jackets out of the too small pockets the rest of the world has decided are just right, and to the old DVD (I’ll keep the surround sound).  Goodbye…less is more.  I’m going to get a new HTC.

More iFun? Links: iPad used as a skateboard. Will it Shred? :: VIDEO

and The Trouble with 1969

finally…what’s next from Microsoft? You’ve got to check this out.  Microsoft’s Dynamic Duo Make Social Media More Mobile


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