Meanwhile on Twitter…#twittercrash

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Meanwhile on

@fastcompany   Twitter Follower Hack Has Twitter Leaping to Fix, Tweeps Panic-Tweeting  14 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Rolled in to work this morning, checked out a hilarious all-celeb video posted by Tony Hawk (the Gumball Rally crew on a flight from Sweden doing the best lip-sync EVER!!  re. RT – @tonyhawk I still can’t believe this happened: [] ) and then it happened…

The world stopped? No, just all the followers and followings in Twitter land snapped back to Zero!! Imagine the social media anxiety that must have induced…no followers? No-one to follow? No RT (re-tweets for those of you not in the twit-know).  I was emotionally paralyzed.  I forget who said that first but I’ll borrow it for an event of this significance.  OK, I’m kidding, thanks to the Twitter gods the homepage with the following tweets still works. Phew!  …and to be safe I clicked over to Facebook to make sure all my friends were still there in case this was a global killer.  (It’s OK, you don’t need to log on, Facebook is fine.)

Maybe this is the proof of President Obama’s “Information becomes a diversion…” theory : /obama-on-ipods-ipads-xboxes-and-playsta tions-information-becomes-a-diversion []

Has the social media machine finally become the news itself? I don’t mean that the social media is in the news, but that millions of people world wide now get their news from social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.  Maybe this is it…maybe you reading this right now is the only ‘news’ you are going to see and believe today – maybe everyday.  The question begs, is it reliable?  Is news from the source, direct from someone’s phone pic on Twitpic or in the case of Obama, who says he doesn’t use these devices, forwarded via a magazine like Fast Company?  I don’t know….but the good news is, now, you get to decide.   

11:03am…followers back. crisis over…or is it?   

Either way that Tony Hawk video is still the best.


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