Here is a comment I posted today in response to this article… http://anonymous8.com/men-body/manscaping-part-2/ at:Anonymous8

Hi Brooks 17. May, 2010 at 12:29 pm

Where to start…literally! I’ll be the 1st man man-enough to man-in on this one, but first here is a post from @streettopeak on Twitter that I ran on April 1st when my wife suggested I shave my head:

The Khan, the Dalai Lama’s, Sinead O’Connor, Agassi, Jordan, Kelly Slater, Michael Stipe, XXX, KD Lang – summer, the hair is off.

Every man knows less hair = more speed (and we’ll leave the makelovenotporn.com explanations there).  Arms, legs, chest, shoulders and back for those sad souls who need to, all of it is measured in MPH. In the sporting life from sprinting, to swimming, to racing bikes, to surfing we all know, or at the least subscribe to the belief, that shaving is one step closer to the podium. Just look at 9 time world champion Kelly Slater – surfer if you’ve been away the last two decades. When he had hair he was OK, but when it came off (and he dated Pamela…better toss that in) we all knew it was ON…did I say 9 time world champion? And at nearly 40 he’s en route to #10 this season sitting on top of the ASP leaderboard. Michael Jordan, Agassi, Carl Lewis, every boxer, ever…the best of the best, it’s a long list.

Sports, music, art, culture, Punk Rock, skateboard, Sinead O’Connor and KD Lang (it’s not just men) have curbed the gen-X and Y crowd, and now younger (generation-i I like to call them) have all come to a tipping point where traditional society and the corporations and baby boomers who brought them here are the antithesis of new age culture. The collapse of corporate confidence, the newspapers replaced by Twitter and Facebook, half-pipe in the Olympics and the ‘free-ride’ scene that has enveloped nearly every action sport to the point that at Nike ‘6.0’ is their top priority and fastest growing division (don’t know what that is…ask your kids).  The media age has spun the world beneath their parent’s feet and left them asking “when did that happen?” If you haven’t been paying attention mom’s and dad’s, ‘Less is more’. Like Ferris said, ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t look around once in a while you could miss it.” Back to Manscaping…

40 years and a month later here I am…and my wife looks at my now weekly buzzed dome and half-shaven beard – about the same length as the hair on my head – and says with one of those smiles, you know the one, “You have a ‘look’ now.”, and I laugh. Trimmer I picked up in college, no hair cuts to pay for, no hair, half a beard and that is the new cool…bike shorts, OluKai flip-flops, and a Dakine T with a 1930 something poster girl…and that’s at work…summer is here men, start shaving.


4 thoughts on ““Manscaping”…yes

  1. Thank you for your AMAZING comment. Very interesting. I replied in the post, but I wanted you to know that this gave me a whole new way of thinking about manscaping. I personally like men who shave their heads. To me, it signifies that they have confidence in themselves.

    As for the manscaping that goes below the neck, you’ll have to wait to see what women think about this in this week’s installment of the series. Happy you stopped by.

    This is just the beginning of the conversation.

    Sarah Baron

  2. thanks Sarah,

    Inspired…and once I got going I thought I’d do a cut-and-paste version here with a couple pics for inspiration. Great series of stories on your site. (Everyone else…go read them!)


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  4. More on this one… http://ht.ly/1TnhO

    Like I said in Episode 2…less is more Sarah! Ha, ha! I think the most telling part of this topic was the pre-release admission that you were having ‘a tough time with this one’. What I think your readers really want to know is what ‘you’ think? Take away the experts and the photos and the history and the psychology…and?

    That said…it would be even more telling to tab on to each ‘expert’ opinion a candid bathroom pic of each of their own grooming habits. Come on…we’re all thinking it;

    Gilette Style guy – corporate shave to the collar (likely uses a Braun electric at home…sounds like he has razor burn). Just kidding…spent enough time in fortune 500 land to know a corporate answer when I hear one.

    Narcissism (what was that?)- hairy back, toe knuckles, wants a beard but not man enough, round glasses, chews his pencil eraser, doesn’t like iPhones or action sports, childhood stuff…you get the picture.

    From the field (likely most in touch with their own body)- likely does what she is comfortable with when she is up to it and appreciates men who do the same.…and laughs when she tries something that doesn’t ‘work’.

    The Image – goes straight to the groin…knows pretty intimately how it feels to shave clean (ouch!) but then she layers on some heavy opinion / speculation on those who do regularly. Not going to even guess…leave it at that. (always suspect of people who don’t have their own picture on their site…?)

    In the end…I’m kidding(and no we do not take responsibility for the comments and opinions of others on this site…etc, etc…) and in the end, like most styles and trends we try different things at different times and like most of the well thought out and meaningful choices we make as men (not), I think the real answer for most of us who try it is, “why not?” It grows back right?


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