6:30 am…there’s something about the sunlight filtering in through the blinds that brings in the new day with a sense of hope, calm.

My son asked me last night, “Why does the sun make things look orange?”, and I wandered back to lost days sitting on the floor in stolen moments in the sunlight of quiet mornings in front of the big glass sliding doors of my childhood homes.  I told him the sun is a big ball of fire and asked him what color fire is.  “Yellow and Orange…(pause) and sometimes red.” He answered with that confident tone feeling assured he had just solved one of life’s great mysteries…magic…but this morning, with the sunlight and the sounds of the fish tank and the refrigerator and the shadows of the blinds, there is so much more.

While media magnates and oil barons are spinning seeping oil volumes into millions…of gallons and advertising dollars while we are glued to the latest deep-sea hi-res video view of the brown bubbles and the painted pelican’s painfully slow deaths (the still images are so beyond video) we are all, as far as I can tell, going about our business.

Yes, this is the part when you pause… what are you doing?  I asked my wife to stop buying single serving yogurt…you?

A magazine publisher I know, who like so many people who come and go and cross our paths in our daily lives I think could be a great friend if we weren’t all too busy to have more friends (real life ones I mean…not the Facebook kind), said to me, “There are people I do business with, and there are people I like to do business with.”, and with that, after a week of dodging calls to commit to an ad for the shop I met the man behind the sale.  People are like the sun.  It is up there shining every day, all the time, sometimes more than others on the west coast it is hiding behind a curtain of snow or rain but it’s right there.  Can you see it?

The light flickers through the branches and leaves and then the blinds… and my pencil makes a long shadow over these words as I write them as though they disappear as I scribble them down. 

Footsteps down the hall…


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