“Chaingate” and the justice of sport.

Couldn’t help respond to this post by Cervelo’s Gerard Vroomen after the ridiculous ‘chaingate’ incident.  If you don’t follow cycling you might want to remember this is what happens when you wake up at 5:00am everyday for 3 weeks to watch the worlds finest battle for cyclings 100 year prize, the yellow jersey at the finish of the Tour De France.

Here’s the original post: http://www.cervelo.com/en_us/news-blog/rider-blogs/article/the-unwritten-rules-of-cycling-contador-vs-schleck/2418/

Hi Speed Brooks says:

July 22, 2010 06:37 pm

Ridiculous topic that only exists in the race because of the politics of team riding. You think Sanchez would have pulled up for a second at the Olympics if this happened when there was a gold medal hanging at the finish? Not a chance. The pair would never be in a deadlock without their teams and today’s finish put a stamp on that…

BTW, if I had Fabian leading out such a fast charge that he stopped on the roadside to recover after the final push and I had no energy left to challenge for the lead back I might think twice about that strategy next time.
In the end, there is another theory in sport that is maybe shining through here that I think Thor will agree with when he takes home the green…”the justice of sport”. Maybe the chain slip is the justice of sport coming back reminding the riders to ride hard always. I looked at my wife when the chain dropped and Alberto road away and said ‘that will teach them for f’ing aroung on yesterday’s stage’. You want to play mind games Andy…the justice of sport has no room for that either. Play to win.
The proof will be in the pudding people…or should I say the final time trial. There will be no holding back Saturday presuming all of the contenders ride clear tomorrow and Andy will have to pull off the ride of his life to come anywhere near the lead he lost with his chain slip let alone the yellow jersey. In the end ‘chaingate’ is a no contest time filler between stages.
In the meantime, hats off to that kid from Victoria (Canada) who road out of the fog in 4th today without any team support. It seems the justice of sport was shining on Ryder today.
Hi Speed

More? https://streetsandpeaks.wordpress.com/2010/02/20/the-olympic-games-win-place-or-show/


3 thoughts on ““Chaingate” and the justice of sport.

  1. Ryder and Team Garmin,

    Every day for three weeks I wake up at 5:00am or worse (PST) in Whistler BC and every day I see that orange helmet bobbing with the world’s best, Canadian flags on summits far from home and listen for Phil’s surprise…

    “It looks like Ryder Hesjedal has been lost on the climb…no, there he is and he will finish in fourth place…” What a ride by the Canadian.

    Thinking of Saturday’s pending TT stage takes me back to that blistering team time trial (2009) where Ryder pulled in the tail of the Garmin all-star team when all the other big guns had fallen off the pace. He never took the lead but you know what The Hip rock out back home buddy, “I can get behind anything…”

    This is your time.

    Hi Speed Brooks
    Whistler BC, OH CANADA!!

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