The Summer of ‘The Dream of the Blue Turtles’ Returns…

Note I wrote during last year’s long hot summer…

August 10th, 2009

rain…finally. The long hot summer has dipped into the 20’s and rain is finally upon us. The smoke and fires and water rationing measures are reminiscent of the year of ‘The Dream of the Blue Turtles’  (Sting)…1986,11th grade…and the summer at Athalmere Beach, long-lost life long friends, the blue New Yorker and the Doors ‘Alive She Cried’ album. So much of my life repeats and reminds me where I have been.

Early this morning I woke up to the twang of the broken ribs that are bothering me less and less now three weeks past the crash and the familiar lull of rain on the pavement outside our covered windows. I don’t need to open the blinds, I know exactly how it looks. Fall is coming…breath…and with the fall comes change. The heavy air is calling to the dream of Alaska and treeline skiing in a place I have never been, floating and carving through the plains of frozen time. Asleep, awake, alive.

…sometimes taking the next step is scary and daunting and exciting and exhilarating and exhausting all at once like a high alpine climber who runs out of O2 at 28000 feet only to stumble upon a errant abandoned bottle on the precarious decent after risking it all to reach the summit. The journey is the struggle and the reward at once. I met Goran Kropp (RIP brother) after his second return to Everest to climb the fabled peak completely unassisted after a lack-luster response from the Swedish press the first time (he had porters carry supplies to base camp). In response, he packed his gear on a bicycle trailer and road to Everest…yes, from Sweden…and the rest is history. He is gone now, but his refusal to be defeated is the stuff of legend and reminds us all the journey far outweighs the heights of the summit.

Someone said, ‘we manifest our own destiny’. It is true. Nothing in life comes from sitting idle waiting for change or progress or return…or the rain.  This world, as always, is what we make it.  Hold on.


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