Tomorrow never comes… R.I.P. A.I.

The shutter drops and the clocks all stop.  Looping Brian Bielmann’s Andy Irons photo tribute: (borrowing a couple of pics here Brian…please go to Brian’s Facebook Page for more)

and I can’t believe it’s all coming true in a few more hours…I mean I know it’s true but somewhere alone, somewhere before the clocks start ticking again he’s here, isn’t he?  I don’t know Andy but for the laughs and the comps and the movies and one liners and smiles and that thing that made so many of us out here watching feel like he’s just a guy like us.  Are you listening Andy?

I almost feel bad because I didn’t like you until you were losing.  I can laugh and say ‘almost’ because I somehow know not ever knowing you that you would like that more than being loved because you’re the champ (you are you know?).  I can’t say I’ve wanted to see anything in surfing much more than Kelly’s #10, but I couldn’t help but secretly wish you’d win in Tahiti…and I can’t imagine this all happening, not yet, without seeing you after that win in the justice of sport that takes heroes to zero and back again.  What a day that was…I want to say, “remember…”, like you’re listening.  You are right?.   

Somewhere before the ASP horn blows and the swell rolls in and the live feed clicks on my computer at work between telling customers who don’t know what I’m talking about, “I’m watching Andy Irons win Teahupoo”, thousands of miles away in some place I dream I can be it isn’t real…it hasn’t happened yet.  How many times can I watch the replay? Or loop “A Fly in the Champagne”? or click play again on Brian’s slide show? How many times can my baby daughter smile and say ‘Dada’? How many times can my wife give me a kiss after lunch at the shop on a quiet Thursday? How many times can the people I know and love do those things that make me know and love them, even people like Andy who have no idea I know and love them who have no idea who I am before that bell rings? Before I pick up my watch from the bathroom sink where’s it’s been for two days, before I clicked on that text from my friend who said, “did you hear”, before I shave…before…   

The clock on the wall has been stopped at 9:29 for days…and I don’t want it to start.  I want to stay in the ignorant punch love fog forever again.  Like the day I drove south on 99 to Function and saw someone say Shane McConkey was gone on Twitter on my phone and it rang and I answered to, “Did you hear…”, I couldn’t answer the voice on the other end but to say…no, I don’t want to say it.  I don’t want tomorrow to come just yet.  Not the tomorrow that’s coming…tomorrow never comes….somewhere.

Godspeed, peace and wings.


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