Surfing the Revolution…and getting #local in BC

Surfing the Revolution is back!! …and a huge swell is scheduled to arrive at Chopes just in time to rock the Billabong Pro Tahiti 2011  ASP show on Saturday!!  Could anyone ask for more??  Well maybe we could all ask the ASP to let Bruce Irons surf in his brother’s place (#putBrucein Chopes) to commemorate AI’s last win before he died leaving Kelly Slater and the rest of the surfing world with one less hero to follow…RIP AI.

…but back home in Whistler our local press printed a cover story that reads, “Surfing and Shredding – A tale of two towns: Whistler loves Tofino but is the feeling mutual?” yesterday and told a story in part of a community following in our footsteps with at least a few locals with enough of a hate on to print a sticker in our honor. 

The story….my reply as a BC kid who knows something about being LOCAL after 40 years, is coming tomorrow!


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