Me, ICON GONE and your LIKE….and a timely Sunday Post revisited #whipoli

LIKE…suddenly everyone wants your ‘LIKE’.  Facebook and websites and road signs and all candidates meetings…where did they all come from?  I half laugh and sip on the tea from my thermos that I didn’t open last night as tears and smiles piece together a lifetime of love and loss for tonight’s ‘Icon Gone’ presentation at the GLC.

Where do you go?  Where do you go when they’re gone?  Where do you go when you hear their voices and see their smile’s?  Where do you go when the ravens circle high and call  you to that place where hero’s and anonymous are one?  Where do you go to listen to the voices beneath the snow? … CLICK! Icon Gone 2011

You won’t want to miss this one.

In the meantime…Sunday reading…

“Writers, Gods and the Death of the White Noise”  CLICK!



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