Where do you go? …words and places and a Whistler Alpine Memorial

november 2011…GLC…Icon Gone presentation…Hi Brooks – First Round – 5 Minutes – 

We’re going to slow things down a little…”

opening: “In My Life” (Johnny Cash Covers the Beatles) Michael Fiaella guitar and vocals…cue slide show…

I am reverent in these early days of the snow and of our friends who are not here now to smile…

Where do you go when they’re gone?  Where do you go when you hear their voices and see their smiles?  Where do you go when the raven circles high and calls you to that place where heroes and anonymous are one?  Where do you go to listen to the voices beneath the snow?

I’m here for that place…for a Whistler icon we all share that has no name, no place, no home…yet.  I’m here tonight for those who are not.  You’re listening right?

James Dean, Jim Morrison, Bruce Lee, Trevor Petersen, Craig Kelly, Alex Loewe, Groan Kropp, Andy Irons, Denis Fontaine, Shane McConkey, Chris Hauserman, Jack Hannan, Beeker, CR Johnson, Erin Sollawey Wannamaker, Scott Mann, my cousin David…you know the rest…you all have your own list.

They are not lost in these mountains, they are home.  If we build it they will come.  A memorial, a marker, a meeting place, an icon of remembrance, a living room in the sky…on a peak facing the sunset.  A couch, a chair…a place to say hello, or goodbye.

We go there alone…sometimes we go there in packs on 195’s, with wild blue eyes.  Punch drunk lovers, alone together, pouring one more drink for the ride home.

Second Round – 2 Minutes – 

I’m here Whistler because I want to build an Icon Gone Memorial.  Come with me.  Who will come with me? …there.  Who will strap on their boots and climb to the col, to Blackcomb Peak and say, “THIS ONE’S FOR YOU BUDDY!” …and bomb down D.O.A. sixteen at a time. (That’s a true story – you can ask me sometime.)  

“It’s a sunny day, so I’ll meet you at the cemetery gates” (the Smiths always said it best.)  I’ll meet you at the base.  I’ll meet you at the peak.  I’ll meet you at Icon Gone.

Bonus Round – 30 seconds- 

Icon Gone can be a place.  Come with me!  Not just a day, or a bear, or a bar…but a place. Go there to remember them all.  It’s my goal to build an alpine memorial and I want all of you to come with me.



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