Jesus Jones and Johnny Cash, Cynics and Believers

“Your own, personal, Jesus….”  Johnny Cash rattles in later years and you know he’s a believer strumming out the Jesus Jones classic…or was it Depeche Mode first?  Cool mornings and bus rides find me somewhere between the two.

“Reach out and touch faith…”


I made it through my mini-wheats before I made it through the back page of the Pique this morning.  Made a princess puzzle with my little girl and pressed my shirt wondering in my own personal endless monologue if people in Alberta still press creases into their jeans.  If you’re from the 70’s or a 12 hour drive from the ocean you know what I’m talking about.  Might as well throw the old tea party version of our American neighbors in there too.   Somewhere midwest of never or maybe right there in Calgary South.

Later…riding the bus home after work…


They say change is a generation away.  When I was in university the mayor, the Alberta Premier and the Prime Minister were all from the riding I called home.  Not much has changed…has it?  When times get tough as Canadians we opt for the lessor of two evils; conservatives vs the unknown.  I say unknown for all of those who grew up since Trudeau long left the halls and minds of the generation before us.  He was the leader our parents loved to hate.  But like most…like ex-bosses…we loved him more after and wanted to know him better when he was gone.


Later…after reading the news tonight…

Most people laugh and remember our fearless leader flying the bird…yes, giving the finger to the camera or driving away in his classic convertible.   I remember him broken and divorced, and the day I heard his son was carried into a frozen BC lake with a heavy pack.  I’m sorry…but I do…and I hope Justin never cuts his hair.


I wonder out loud as a skier, and a dad, and a brother and a son, who I relate to more?  What would Anselme Baud say?  How do you continue to be a dad when you’ve lost a son like he has?  How do you get back into your boots and go to those places?  How do you step back into the everyday instead of fading into the mist up the valley somewhere with an old truck and a box set of lost Johnny Cash songs…

“Reach out…”


Where ever you’re going to build your church, begin it.  Like I’ve said before, kiss your wife and hug your kids…tell someone you love them, not because you might be gone tomorrow but because you can today.


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