Sunshine and a seat heater… Com:mute


Riding the wave… Well Whistler still takes best name for a transit system (WAVE) but I have to admit I dig the commute. Sunshine and a seat heater and grooving to the original US3 beats from 1990-something. Ya you know the one… Cantaloupe Flip Fantasia. (I don’t have the link so you’d better go Google it on YouTube so you can keep up.)

Got it? Good!

Lined up cars and kids waving in the back window of the school bus in front of us. You in your cars, you have no idea. I’m scanning Facebook, drinking tea and reading the paper. Wake up people! Like I told @nenshi (the Mayor) the last thing Calgary needs is more cars. And while I’m at it… Stop turning left on 14th street. Just stop.


This is the commute.


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