10 Signs You Will Never Get Over the Fact that You Lived in a Ski Town Too Long

1. You remember every day you live in the city.

…there are lovely sunsets, lots of activities for the kids, the kids have their own rooms, gas is cheap, you have groceries (and BTW you put on that 10 pounds because now you can afford groceries), there are jobs that pay well, they pay very well…blah, blah, blah…it’s a city Dude.

2. You instinctively call people “Dude”.

3. You still check the snow report…at 6:30am

…in Whistler, a thousand miles away, every day, for four years, and it’s been Puking for a week Dude!

4. You’ve seen a great snow report and instinctively gone ski touring on fat skis in a city park…

…bonus points if you’ve done it after watching the legendary JP Auclair segment in Sherpa’s All.I.Can, taken a selfie and tagged it on Instagram #urbanalpine.

#4b …you still watch a lot of ski porn flics. That is, when you can get the TV or the iPad to yourself. 
5. To accomplish #4… You still have a stack of fat skis under the basement stairs…

…K2 Pontoons 189 (Shane McConkey’s … 2 pair), Prior Overlords 196  (two pair – one with Duke touring binding) Armada ARG, K2 Big Kahunas (fat rock ski), Stockli Storm Rider 196 (Scott Schmidt), Volkl Explosiv (now tele set up with skins), Volant McConkey FB (retired to tele)… etc, etc … and a few unmounted classics just in case.

6. Summer … You still have (at least) three mountain bikes…

… in the city.

…a Rocky Mountain Slayer Cult custom free ride (for urban assaults), a Rocky Mountain Vertex Team race hard tail – aka the commuter – (from 2002…with the original Marzocchi Marathon  fork – and you can’t believe your local city bike shop can’t rebuild those like your buddy at Spicy Sports in Whistler did every year), a Rocky Mountain cyclecross CXR (with road tires because you still refuse to buy a roadie like your wife did).

…and  you still think you need a new DH, a fat bike, a 29’er and maybe that Sherpa 27 (what’s up with that?). 

#6b.  Oh ya, and you make sure your wife and kids all have new mountain bikes too…all Rocky Mountain of course.

7. You wear suits now…

…and that reminds you more than anything that for 15 years you didn’t even own a suit.


…they are $2500 Burberry suits though, $400 shirts, $700 shoes, and a $2500 brief case (that you wear cross body)…but your day off go-to’s are still your RVCA Leo Romero cut-off’s, Sanuk slip on’s and a near vintage black, classic arm stripe, Helly Hansen half zip pro-wool base layer and a Mountain Hardware down sweater with electrical tape patches…

…aka you’re a hipster.

#7b. Bonus – When your shirt iron dies you still use it to wax your skis in the kitchen.

8. Your drive a sports car with a Subaru Boxer engine…

…and you drive it to the mountains every chance you get and bonus points because you drive it all winter while your buddies exotics are wrapped and parked.

#8b…you still wonder where the rusty old ’89 Blazer is that you drove to Whistler in 1997 – with every thing that mattered in the back, and later sold to your roommate / best friend…who lived in your living room for two years.

9. You still think bike lanes are a good idea…


…even though you have the sports car in #8, and who are you kidding, you love to drive, but you only looked at homes near the biggest parks with mountain views 20km from where you work downtown on purpose (and you are still looking at homes even closer to the park with better mountain views) so you can ride one of your bikes in #6 the furthest route from traffic all the way to the core and back every day you can.

10. You actually still like Jaegermeister…  

…and Fireball Whiskey while you’re at it.

and 11. (Did I say the 10 things?) 

11. There is still nothing better than free stickers…
…other than free Redbull of course, but that would be 12 things, Dude.


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