By Design

By design…nothing is by chance.


By design, as I like to say, the pieces fell into place and two years and 25,000 readers and counting later I smile and say ‘thank you’.

As long as I can remember I have be drawn to the page.  As a boy I loved nothing more than a blank sheet, a pencil and the warmth of sunlight through window panes on a winter day expressing my little world in lines and shades of lead grey before I even knew letters.  To this day, I find myself picking up my pencil and any piece of paper I can find to bring this story, this gift, to life.

I call it a gift because in all humility the letters and words and stories flow more than they are created and for the most part I stumble to keep up, to capture exactly the images that I mean to in the process…but as Jackson Pollock said so well, “I defy the accident.”

Listen… and you will hear the voices in the snow.





  1. Wow. What an impressive site. I loved reading your entertaining, creative, articulate posts. I will be returning to see more!

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