Brand Me

“That’s the joint, that’s the jam…”  The beat pounds through the G10MX full wireless blue tooth…I check my messages on Facebook,  don’t notice the blasting snow though the wind chill is -25c thanks to my Patagonia Primo Down Jacket and Powderbowl pants, check the snow report on Whistler Blackcomb mobile, laugh at the latest Twit’s in street, surf and snow land, spot the light board three towers away through the water-tight sealed Gemini Lens of my Spy Soldier goggles…hit the top of the lift, switch to Satski to start tracking vert and speed on GPS, check my Dakine Vertex pack – beacon, probe, shovel, first-aid, Flow-lock hydrator – all set, and slide into the white on my custom Prior Overlord – 193cm, 118mm of under foot floating power with Duke’s and G-3 skins and twin tip adapters to get me to the goods…here we go.

The truth is…once I’m set up I rarely think about the process or the products.  I have been sliding down snow for 35 years and pretty much have the clothing and gear routine nailed to instinct according to weather, snow pack, terrain, route…rain, snow, 10cm, 70cm, Solar assault or Corona and Husume loops, or just bombing the Olympic pavement parking lot to the skate park on the way to work, you name it….but nearly every day people ask me why I wear one brand of clothing?  One brand of Goggles?  One brand of helmets, bags, gloves, long boards, skis, snowboards, watches…you get the picture.  Finally, a friend said to me, “you should write reviews on your site.”  I hate to say it Jeff…but you’re right, I should.

No bull shit, no advertising space for sale, no commissioned sales, just the straight up goods on the stuff I use everyday.  Some hits, some misses, some I sell and some I don’t.  There is one rule when it comes to gear in the mountains sliding down snow (or sliding down waves or concrete for that matter) like my step dad’s cousin says on a giant sign plastered with a huge Canadian flag in his yard outside Fernie, BC, “Love it, or leave it.”  I love independent west coast brands because I’m from the west and I know these guys get it, and besides, why not shop Local?

Here’s my two cents!

(Just click on the page links listed below ‘Brand Me’ (up on the right) for the goods on the goods!  …and feel free to comment with your own experiences.  I’ll be sure to post any useful info and some  not-so-useful but otherwise entertaining comments.)




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  1. You live a hard life Hi. I’m happy to inspire you in your struggle to keep you chin up during these depressing 70 cm days… (thanks for the shout out)
    PS – Not sure how I’m gonna pull it off just yet, but I’m in for the 2011 Heli trip.
    PPS – See you in a few weeks.

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