artists, poets, photographers…tHIs is multimedia

This is where my mind is…on a tree, on a mountain, somewhere so far from this piece of paper…”STATEMENT OF EARNINGS AND DEDUCTIONS”.  Where is that in the grand scheme? In the state of the art…in life?  Sitting in my hoodie I am closer to the trees than the ADP’s of the world of 20 years, make that 19, of pay cheques and pay stubs that added the hours into days into two week pieces of time, pieces of life.  Two weeks and $250 worth of groceries in the budget.  What about the budget of our days on a dying planet? 180 Degrees South of what? South of So Cal? South of North? South of right here, right now, sitting on my couch after a 1:00AM trip to the shop in this hood and my Vans with holes in the heals to make sure nothing actually happened when the alarm company called and couldn’t get a hold of the response guards and called the police who didn’t respond either.  What about no news is good news?  What about the trees? What about the snow that has yet to fall? What about the million other possibilities in the invisible edge that fades to the horizon where the light is white and the people’s skins are dark and they don’t care about any of this at all? What about me?


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