#Black Market Photo

Part 1 – ‘The State of the Art 2010’ – The WSSF Olympus Pro-Photographer Showdown

“@WSSF Surf photographer Brian Bielmann takes both judge and people’s choice at the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown. What an inspiring night.”  Check out his work at http://www.brianbielmann.com/ 

April 23rd near midnight…just home. 

3 Kokanee’s deep and the stoke is on.  Home is that one place that makes you feel like there’s no place you’d rather be…street, surf and snow, the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival’s Olympus Pro-Photographer Showdown, ‘The 2010 State of the Art Gallery’ in the lobby and 5000 strangers searching, home.

My wife asked me today walking in the sun on the return from Lost Lake if I would ever live anywhere else…and 8 hours later after bathes, battles and bedtime stories I thought to myself, ‘I’m late.’  After convincing the dude at the ticket window the two VIP tickets on hold for Mike Douglas were really for me (I won them…long story) I rushed to the doors and gave a couple pleading with the security entourage my extra ticket, security let them both in and they bought me a beer before making our way into the show in medius res.  Missed Jeremy Koreski…damn!  Mike Douglas took the stage and Yvon sent me back to 1997 and those 20-something days when I thought I knew something…some of you, my friends, are still there a decade and more later, some of us have moved on, and I wouldn’t give up a day to not end up right here, me, today, home.

Brian said, ‘I want to show you the shots you don’t see’,  and before the Hendrix kicked in I was sold, and two songs in he blew the doors off Surfer, and Surf mag and everything we’ve come to expect when we open a magazine.  The outside, the underside, the off shore blast that sends vertical lines of the worlds best paddling for cover to escape the inevitable, black and white, caught, caught, caught, oh no, breathe…the inside window sequence shot slowly closing, 2, 3, gone…and again to the edge, to the impossible.

We are so close to the impossible in this 100MP media age that perfection (as it were, is, in those magazine pages) is almost too easy.  Like Jean Luc Brassard said, ‘de closer de disaster, de closer de perfection’.  Close-out, step off, the other surfer’s hands in the air cheering on the last man standing…that’s the dream, the fear, the elation, the moments between the pretty parts, life.  Show us life.  Show us the real stuff.  Take us home.

Thank you Brian…all of you.  What a night.

ps.  HUGE THANK YOU! to #blackmarketphoto and #mikedski via Twitter for doing the right thing with those free tickets.

pps. Who is the best surfer? Who cares…  https://streetsandpeaks.wordpress.com/2009/11/14/who-is-the-best-surfer-who-cares/







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